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Whether it’s old or new or even broken we buy every type of van.

There’s no better way to sell your van in the North West than with us, and it starts with our online valuation tool to get a quick, fair quote. There’s no messing around with finding local buyers or haggling over price. It’s simple, fast and gives you an idea of what you can invest in your next vehicle.

We love the North West, and we know it well. That means our recovery teams can be with you pretty quickly, no matter where you are. From Manchester and it’s many museums, like the Museum of Science and Industry, to Liverpool, which is the home of The Beatles, we can weave in and out of areas you didn’t know existed. With Bolton, Preston, Cheshire and many more places, trust us to turn up on time and finish up quickly.

Why sell your van in the North West to We Buy Broken Vans?

  • We eliminate the hassle from selling your van. Finding private buyers, checking scrap yards, haggling over price – this is all stress you just don’t need. Skip it with our valuation tool.
  • We don’t just buy broken vans: we’ll purchase any van, whatever condition it might be in. It doesn’t matter what condition your van is in, we’ll take it. Suspension issues, engine problems, transmission faults; it doesn’t matter, we’ll buy it off you.
  • We drive out to customers across the North West. Our teams cover a lot of ground, so you can trust us to turn up. No need to book a visit to us, we’re here to make this easy for you.
  • You can have your van sold and collected within the hour. As we strive to eliminate the stress and fuss of selling your van, that means getting it done, from start to finish, fast. In some cases, we can even turn up on the same day or within the hour!

How it works

3 easy steps


Agree A Fair Value

Enter your van’s reg plate number into our tool and get a quote in a few minutes. It’s all online with no back and forth discussions.


No-Quibble Collection

No need to stress over a busy schedule - we’ll arrange a pick up time that’s convenient for you. Sometimes, this can be the same day!


Instant Payment

We make it simple; arrive, transfer payment and load your vehicle onto our recovery truck. There’s no fuss or messing around, so just sit back and relax with a brew while we get on with it.

Let’s have a chat to see how we can help!