Sell My Renault Kangoo 

Are you starting to worry about the upkeep of your Renault Kangoo? Does it frequently need a lot of repairs that are draining your wallet? Luckily, we have plenty of experience in deciding whether a van is ready for the scrap or whether a little more love is worth it. No messing, no delays, just a few simple steps in return for some cold, hard cash – and, all in a short space of time. What’s not to like?

We buy broken vans

How does selling my van work?

3 easy steps


Agree a fair value.

We really want to make our service as fast and efficient as possible. So, the begin with, we ask for your vehicle registration number and we will give you a price immediately. There’s no need to mess about with private sellers or dealerships, this is all done online.


No-quibble collection.

We know that the collection of your van is often the most time consuming part. You often have to travel quite far and decide a suitable time between both parties. The good news is, our recovery team will collect your van at a time that’s best suited for you. You won’t even have to leave your house, how easy is that?


Instant payment

Once we have collected your Renault van, you’ll receive instant payment. It’s as simple as that. So, now that it’s done and dusted, you can sit back and relax...or start looking for a newer van.

Is it worth selling your Renault Kangoo van? 

Renault Kangoo vans are a really reliable and respected van. However, just like any other van that clocks a high mileage, frequent minor issues and faults are quite common. 

If the cost of repairs is mounting up, it might be worth having a think about selling your van. Fortunately, we know how to repair almost any fault on a Renault Kangoo, which is why you’ll receive a competitive price for your van. 

Interested in some of the common faults and issues we have fixed before? Take a look below.


Common faults and issues with Renault Kangoo vans